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june 12,2020

Real estate Management System

About the system:

The First Stage: Our Real Estate Management System consists of a powerful system, in which the company showcases pictures of its buildings, along with pictures of every apartment. The company is allowed to display details of the apartment, including the number of rooms, price, and more. When a client is interested in an apartment, he can book an appointment to visit the apartment at the scheduled time.

The second stage: If someone already started to rent an apartment from the company, our system allows him to submit rent renewal and eviction requests. The system also allows the users to submit maintenance requests, which go directly to the company’s technicians so they can fix any damages.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy included the design and development of a powerful real estate system that showcases the company’s services in a unique way. Our main goal is to achieve a one-of-a-kind software system that facilities the users’ lives and changes perspectives on a wide scale. With unique presentation and innovative features, this system will make an impressive breakthrough in the real estate market. Adding high value, the system connects users with the company employees and technicians in a flexible way, performing complex activities online and saving much time.

Our system consists of:

  • User System (Website with Dashboard, Mobile Application for Android & iOS)
  • Technician System (Mobile Application for Android & iOS)

Our Tactics

  1. Our efforts are centered around “Usability,” achieving a positive user experience
  2. Choose a smooth UX design that blends seamlessly with the provided services
  3. Improve the overall site navigation through an intuitive user interface and easy browsing
  4. Establish an SEO-friendly website to be ready for any future marketing efforts
  5. Test the landing pages to improve functionality and conversion rates
  6. Build a website that matches the company’s goals, mission, and style preferences
  7. Apply the best practices in responsive web development
  8. Create a unique approach to the homepage sections, adding the WOW factor into the overall website design
  9. Develop a powerful website that offers a clear path for a professional presence
  10. Design an intuitive dashboard that allows the employees to easily deal with the website, making changes and updating continuously
  11. Execute an easy-to-use Mobile Application to stand out among the crowded market
  12. Test the mobile application before you go live and start your marketing strategies

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